Evening training session starts from 15.00 hr. to 17.00 hr. is   600   Baht/session
Shared room fitted with electric fan for morning and evening session plus 2 meals is   1,500   Baht/day
Shared air conditioned room morning and evening session plus 2 meals is   1,600   Baht/day
Single air conditioned room morning and evening session plus 2 meals is   1,800   Baht/day

    Shared room with fan   Shared Air con room   Single Air con room
1 day   1,500   1,600   1,800
1 week   9,500   10,000   11,500
2 week   18,500   19,000   21,000
3 week   26,500   27,000   30,000
4 week   34,000   35,000   39,000
            ***Monday off

Poptheeratham Muay Thai Camp is located in the suburb of Bangkok in Sai Mai District. It is located in the vicinity of Royal Thai Air Force Base (in Don Muang area the previous international airport of Bangkok). Our Muay Thai camp’s size is not that big compare to the other camps. However, we emphasize on quality, technique, atmosphere and cleanness. It’s located in a good location near the river called Khong 6 Wa, and it has good and comfortable atmosphere; comfortable glass-wall waiting room for trainee’s parents and visitors with seats available to watch the training. Also, you will have a chance to learn Muay Thai with the world renowned Muay Thai champion, Kru Samart Payakaroon. Foreign students will have the opportunity to train and to learn Thai culture and language; the way of life of Thai boxers from trainers and our regular professional boxers. Our trainers are efficient, friendly and well-mannered. They are available together with other Muay Thai gymnasium staffs who are ready to provide good services to you at all time. Our camp is close to the shopping mall, banks, restaurants and Bummibhol hospital.

The camp has Thai-styled atmosphere with green natural scene. The most important thing out of all is that in Sai Mai area, the weather is finest, not too hot, in the setting of natural environment with tranquil atmosphere of the city.